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A Visualization session

Close your eyes, let your imagination take you to where you want to be

See the home you want to have one day 

Imagine the decoration, the colour combination, 

feel the atmosphere and hear the sound of the classic music   

Is it spacious? Cosy? Country style?… 

what about the floor? White or wooden flooring ?

And the smell of the home? 

The temperature ?

Does the roof have a skylight ?

Imagine yourself rambling around, barefoot 

Walking mindfully and slowly at a leisurely pace between your cozy living room and the English countryside style kitchen  

Imagine your beautiful coffer maker, placed on a charming antique coffee table  

You just made yourself a delusions coffee, can you smell it?.

You are on your way toward your favourite sofa. 

Your monthly reading book is waiting for you, 

Or, you may prefer to set and meditate. 

Sipping your coffee calmly with a big smile on your face

While your heart is thanking God for all the blessings you have 

Imagine yourself free, free of all worries, anxiety and any unpleasant feelings. 

Imagine the love life you want to have. 

The man you want to be with

Your partner in crime, the one and only 

How he looks like? 

His smile

Is he tall? Average? 

How does his company feel like?

Imagine the love flow between you both smoothly, without any interference 

Imagine the lovely and deep conversation you have with him 

The jokes, the insights, the laughs …

Imagine the stunning relationship with him

Imagine the job you want to have 

Your office, the decoration 

Do you like plants? Why don’t you bring some from your home? 

How about the kind of relationship you want to have with people

The mutual respect and admiration you have with your colleagues

Imagine the legacy  you made 

Imagine the positive impact you leave wherever you go

What hobbies you enjoy doing ? Imagine you have plenty of time to do the things you love to do and to learn the skills you want to acquire 

Imagine how good you are at everything you put your mind into. 

Immerse yourself in every part of your dream.

How do you look? 

Healthy ? 





Stay with this imagination for as long as the dream would take

Forget about boundaries

Don’t ask how, where, and when  

Just imagine that you have Aladdin’s teapot on your hands

Tell your wishes 

And enter a whole new world. 

Be part of your vision, live within your dream, don’t be the watcher. 

Now you make your wishes more powerful 

You will notice positive emotions 

Enjoy the feelings that this big dream fill your heart with 

How do you feel?

Allow your heart to be happy and to be filled with 





And all positive feelings 

Stay there as long as you want without feeling guilty or stupid, 

You can make it real, you deserve this. 

You have the whole right to see it in your mind before you have it in real.

What else you want? 

Just visualize it, add it to your big dream 

Remember that you can have it all 

You own your imagination 

Nothing limits you 


Open your eyes and continue your day holding this dream in your mind.

Every action you make, every step you take is taking you closer to the life you want

Hold that dream and don’t get disturbed by the reality

Or by the limitations that are set by society, tradition and values, or even your own skills.

Be confident that God will give you what you desire. 

But, you have to remove any doubts in your mind 

No place for doubts, only hope and faith.

Don’t limit yourself, visualization is not about imagining only the things that is possible

Get out of your comfort zone and dream big, beyond what others consider impossible. 


A whisper in my ear 

Everything I have dreamed of is on its way.

How, is not my business, my job is to dream with faith. 

I neither know how I am going to get what my heart desires, nor I want to know how, because once I asked how, the limitation and boundaries will start to arise and destroy my beautiful life, the life I just crystal clear saw in my mind.  


Me: I want to write a book in five months

limitation: Yeah but you are not that smart or that fast! Be realistic !!

This is what our brain does to us, to prevent us from even dreaming. Imagination is the best skill that we human being have. We create things in our mind before we actually see it. 

limitation has always something to say to weaken our determination. 

However, my imagination is stronger than the limitations. 

Nothing wrong with being a dreamer. Everything in life is possible, what makes it impossible though is our past experiences, the traditions, or what is acceptable or unacceptable from the point of view of the culture or society. With visualization, you can change your preferred future. Use this tool as a motivator that helps you to continue working toward your goals in life. 

I took this Wednesday 7 Oct. 2020 on my way to Colchester Town Center


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