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Serendipity (n)

The fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance.

Cambridge Dictionary

When I first heard word “serendipity” I got attracted to the sound of it, how it is actually pronounced. I was curious though to know the origin of the word because it doesn’t sound English. I found that serendipity was first created by an English author Horace Walpole who named it after a formername of Sri Lanka “Serendip”. Walpole recognized that he was able to find what he needed when he needed, he wanted to give his talent – as he considered it – a name, therefore,Serendipity appeared  to describe “finding the unexpectedmoments”. 

It is a lovely word to me, not only because the sound of it but also the meaning and the feeling I get whenever I realize that I am in a serendipitous moment.

Songs, movies and real life stories always talk about serendipity where a person find something without looking for or expecting to find. Some of them found love, others found their dream job, or get a chance to go in exciting experience.

Can we create serendipity?

Because of the movies and how they usually present serendipity as a happy moment, I have been always wanting to have more and more serendipity in my life, and the question that stick in my head, can I create my own serendipity?

I am a dreamer I believe that every achievement was first a dream, I visualized myself traveling abroad, visiting places for the first time, I saw snow in my mind before I actuallytouched it. All of these dreams and more became my reality.From the definition, serendipity seems to be these events and coincidences occur without any effort being made by those who got it. I know that when serendipity happened, it would create joy and happiness, and for me, just imagining it fills my heart with lots of contentment. But, is it true that we have no power over creating our own serendipity?!

We can hunt happiness but are we aware enough to realize that opportunities and happiness are hunting us!

We souls can hunt our own fortune which would lead us to meet our serendipity, everything we want we can generate, however, there is a condition we need to consider in order to recognize and appreciate serendipities. 


Without awareness how can we acknowledge our fortune?! We need to be aware and pay attention to the small things that happen in our lives. Serendipitous people are skilful at noticing the opportunities. They listen mindfully to their intuition. They are always positive and have positive expectation even in bad circumstances. They do not believe inbad luck, they are clever enough to turn any bad event into good one. They are resilient, they don’t get stuck in negative emotions or victim thinking, and they always see the glasshalf full.

Does serendipity all about happy accidents?

Two educated smart ladies, both have applied for what they consider it “the dream job”, and both of them have been rejected!. 

Lady #1 figured out that she needs to improve her resume, she invest in herself, therefore she signed into several classes in managements and computer… etc. She got her serendipitywhen she was discovered by a chief financial officer of a big company, who was with her in one of the courses she was attending. He noticed her enthusiastic personality, she got the chance to talk about herself, her qualification and dreams. As luck would have it, she got a job offer after she was recommended by this man, this offer is much better than the one rejected her. 

Lady #2 couldn’t handle the rejection, she has been wasting nights and days crying on her poor luck. She stopped seekingjobs because that rejection was convincing enough to her to believe that she is not good enough. 

Lessons learned

happiness comes in different forms, so do serendipitous moments.

We can get the best of any unpleasant experience, and turn it into happy ending. We first need to change the way we look at matters that happen in our lives, even these events that occur against our wishes, these are life lessons. 

Lady #1 created her own serendipity, she continued trying. Not every rejection is bad, some of them is a path to something better than the one we sought. Serendipitous people take unsuccessful attempts as a message from God that tells them something, if they are aware, they will get the message. They never stop hoping and creating their own opportunities. 

Imagine a person who is always frustrated, angry, critical and negative, he/she gives priority to the half empty, how can they seize the opportunities they are given?! A negative personsees only the bad luck, she prevent herself from enjoying the journey of life, it is always hard for her to stand up after shefall down 

Opening up!

Opening up is crucial in the journey of finding serendipity, this includes; willingness to listen to others, being an observer, learning from people by talking to them, askingquestions and sharing with them what you know. All of thesequalities will open many doors which serendipity may be standing behind one of these doors. We need to show some interest in what is happening around us, this will allow happiness to blossom in your life. 

Expect and accept

We find what we expected to find, however, sometimes we find what we don’t want, here comes the acceptance. Accept the result doesn’t mean that we finally surrendered. Lady #1 accepted that rejection and move on, she kept looking for more opportunities, she may had some positive expectations regarding that job, but what she found didn’t  prevent her from getting what she wants, “ what doesn’t kill you makesyou stronger”  

Success is a journey not a destination

A gentle reminder !

Serendipitous moments are for those who are enthusiastic about life. They are not afraid to take risk and try new things.

These pictures taken by me while i was setting at Castel Park, Colchester

24 Sep. 2020 11:59 a.m / 12:47 p.m.

Namaste 🙏🏽

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