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September 2020!! Never too late

Fresh start can be made every day, we don’t have to wait until the beginning of a week, a month or even a year. We can start right now from where we are and with what we have.  2020 is undeniably one of the most difficult year for the whole humanity where we found our… Continue reading September 2020!! Never too late

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The Emotional Impact of Social Media

Get Inspired by Reading a Book           Scrolling on social media become one of our daily habit, for some it is even the only habit they do during the day! Exploring and jumping from one application into another is as any other activities that has it is own pros and cons.… Continue reading The Emotional Impact of Social Media

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New Me / Gluten – Free

" Nothing tastes as good as Gluten -Free feels" I have been suffering from different health issues since I was a teenager, this includes; permanent anaemia, unpleasant digestive symptoms, shortness of breath which used to lead me sometimes to cry frustratingly, tiredness, and daily discomfort. I have been given a verity of explanations from several doctors of… Continue reading New Me / Gluten – Free

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Her Place Never Changed

Her place never changed ! She is setting there where anyone can run to her, when their life fall apart, when they lose control over situations. She is setting there ready to listen to anyone. Her place never changed. She is always there listening to people venting their frustration, their own fears, worries, and concerns. Her… Continue reading Her Place Never Changed