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Do i need a Vision Board ?!

So basically vision board is a visualization tool refers to a board created by the visualizer. It contains all of the goals and dreams that the creator wants to achieve, presented as a collage of pictures. The purpose of this activity is to serve as a source of inspiration and affirmation. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercise, it enhance the creativity, It has been claimed that  vision board “or dream board” would support visualization. Hence, instead of having all goals and dreams in our minds, vision board technique allows us to see our dreams in a board hanged on the wall and live it everyday. Many self development coaches and life coaches have introduced vision board to their clients in a form of workshops. During the last few years, these workshops find an exceptional acceptance from people. It is a fun activity.

However, during COVID -19 pandemic and the lockdown, i have started to question the usefulness of many things in my life including  “vision board”!!

How effective is this?

Is it really inspiring?

Is it healthy for my emotion, feelings and mood?

And what this has to do with my ultimate goal?

Do these pictures get me to the happiness i am seeking?

What after getting what “I think” it will make me happy?

First, i tried to ask myself the most important question;

• Why do i want to achieve these things presented in my vision board ?

my vision board contains bunch of desires that are similar to anyone else’ desires, e.g.; getting a job, having my own family, buy a home, a car, travel ….etc. However, before going a head and list the things i want to achieve, i better ask first myslef why i do want them, what feeling that these things would give me!

Or in another word;

What is my ultimate goal?

I found that my answer is to be happy!

Reviewing my vision board makes me realize that i am seeking fulfillment and happiness by having all of these desires. I want to be happy, dream board consists of the things that “I think” would make me happy, but, is that true?!

I am not the only one who seeks happiness, we are all seeking happiness, however, we are maybe different in the things that “we think” would make us happy. Someone might think that having money would make them happy. A lady thinks that she will be happy when she got married. Another man thinks that having his own business will make him happy….. and so fourth.

I started to look at my dreams and goals differently, I noticed that they are not perfect!. Recently, with lots of changes in my life, i found myself accepting things in my life that i never thought i would. Life is leading me to make decisions that are totally opposite of what i thought i would. And as a resilient, i found myself accepting all of these changes and finding my way to live with it. The reason why i have this acceptance is that i always have strong faith that there is always something better than my desires and better than what i planned for. I am not perfect, my dreams and plans can fail, but God have always better plans for me.

I looked at the dream board i have, and i thought that I don’t need these bunch of desires, i tore the board and replaced it with new one, one word that summaries  everything 


Happiness is a journey not a destination

Happiness can be found in everything and everywhere, happiness has different shapes, forms, and colors. With all respect to what is called “vision board”, I don’t think it would do any good for me. It is limiting, and deceiving, it makes me think that there is only one way to happiness, this way is only what i put on the board. Vision board is an obligation to me and, instead of being a source of motivation, it became a source of worry and nervousness. It is a hurdle to me! puts me on rush and under continuous stress. It is something that reminds me always that i am behind. Plus, there is no guarantee that even after I achieved all of the listed desire, i would be happy!!.


Finding something good without looking for it.

I love living by the meaning of this word, however, the pleasure of finding something good without looking is challenged by vision boarding! It doesn’t allow you to see the beauty in everything around you because dream boarding gives you one shape of beauty only.

The bottom line,

I got rid of my vision board because from now on my real dream board will present how i want to feel not what things that “i think” would make me happy. Happiness can not be defined by the material things, happiness is a feeling. There are ALWAYS better things prepared and waiting for us to catch and be happy

Tons of Love 💕💕

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