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The Emotional Impact of Social Media

Get Inspired by Reading a Book          

Scrolling on social media become one of our daily habit, for some it is even the only habit they do during the day!

Exploring and jumping from one application into another is as any other activities that has it is own pros and cons. Reading, cooking, gardening, exercising, and crafting all of these and more are activities that have their impact on us emotionally and physically. 

Exercising, for example, is an activity that is very beneficial to our mental and physical health, it is even a hobby for many, although exercising has many advantages, the disadvantages could be harmful to the body when it is practiced excessively. 

 One evening, i sat on the sofa holding my iPad, i opened YouTube, as my favorite app among others and my window to the world, one of the feeds i got was a video for a young lady or what they are called  “ A YouTuber” filming her morning routine.  I always enjoy watching these kind of videos claiming that i would get inspired ! And i do actually! 

Her routine is like this, she wake up at 5 AM, turn off the alarm, go to the bathroom, brush her teeth and wash her face, fix her hair. Then, she goes to the kitchen, make herself a cup of warm lemon water, she then takes her mug to the office and starts to journal as a first activity in the day.

I was having fun watching this video admiring everything in this morning routine, i like the mug, the office, her bedroom …etc. The video doesn’t end when the lady set on her desk, but i got distracted when a voice in my head said to me;

“Wait a minute, isn’t this similar to your daily routine! Don’t you have that or even better routine then the one you are admiring? Should not you be admiring yourself instead for waking up at 4am, going to the gym at 5am everyday? Can’t you see anything impressive in you lifestyle ?!!”

This voice suddenly made me realize the harm that social media can done to our emotions. They are inspiring yet, they can give you the sence that you are not good enough and you need to improve yourself continuously without stopping to admire and praise yourself for the improvement you have done. I realized that i have been wasting too much time watching others living the life i am genuinely and truthfully living everyday, without camera there capturing my “perfect” moment. 

Social media have lots of motivational and inspirations, this is what the influencers claim that they want to inspire others!! AND MAKE MONEY, which is nothing wrong with that,  however, our life, our health, our emotions and our time and how we spend it is our responsibilities. We need to use to social media efficiently by being mindful which requires us to notice our feelings and capturing any changes in our emotions. We need to always measure the effect of all of these things on us positively or negatively. 

We need not to dismiss the danger of these “inspiring” posts, we could feel unworthy, lazy, and unhappy because of some people who are making money by capturing their “perfect” times. 

Ironically, even their imperfect moments are still perfect 🙂

Anyway, as i do normally in the evenings, i set to journal and reflect on my day, i wanted to see what experts say about social media. I  found an immense number of articles written about the impact of the social media on our health, which i agree on most of them if not all!

• Social media can effect the sense of satisfaction 

the more we are addicted and attracted to social media, the less we are happy and the more we are worried. It arouses us all the time to seek perfection which is impossible, it is like a mind programming process, works similar to affirmation but in the opposite side, the more you are watching “YouTubers”, and influencers the more you feel the need to get continuously improved.  We are affirming that we are  not good enough, we are not doing enough efforts, we are lazy…etc. However, i still agree that there is lots of inspiration you get from the posts we see on instagram or YouTube. The thing is that we need to use it smartly, and don’t put ourselves in comparison with others. We need to enjoy the things we have, and appreciate the life we are living.

We think that social media is helping us, we get inspired and motivated to do what we are supposed to do

I am going to go  back to what i started my blog with, everything has pros and cons. Minerals and vitamin that the food contain are very important for the body to function, but too much vitamins is harmful for the body. It is the same with social media.Nowadays, it is hardly to live without social media,  as i am writing this post i felt that i might be contradicting myself, i am saying that social media is harmful for our emotions at the same time i am using blog and Twitter to deliver my thoughts. However, what i am trying to say is, we should be aware of our feelings, watching something inspirational is supposed to make us feel good, it should be to confirm to oneself that he/she is fine and she/ he can do more, not to be critical to ourselves and look for what goes wrong in ourselves !!

Bottom line

Internet is considered one of the best innovation that we human have experienced, yet, It is a dangers world, plays with emotions and mood and effect the way we  look at ourselves and our life.  The key point here is to detach your emotions, don’t get involved emotionally. Do not be convinced that you need to change your life! Work on your life, be mindful, appreciate the effort you are doing and keep a record to all of the achievements you already done.

I found journaling a helpful tool to praise myself and the effort i am doing. In addition to journaling, i also found reading a book to get inspired is much better then watching a YouTuber who is filming their “perfect” moments. I gained a lot of knowledge by reading books, not only get inspired, but also learn new vocabularies, learn new writing styles and lots of benefits.



I decided to affirm myself that i am good enough, i am doing what i am supposed to do. 

I am happy inside and out  

I am enjoying my life. 

I wake up early 

I do yoga

I do meditate regularly 

I read and write 

I eat healthy food

I am just fine 

I do what fills my day and life with lots of joy, laugh , happiness and love

I am in love with myself, my daily routine, and my lifestyle. 

And above all i am genuine and real, with all of my flaws and strengths. 



Tons of Love 💕 

2 thoughts on “The Emotional Impact of Social Media”

    1. That’s true, it is really hard to stop scrolling. But i always try to remind myself that these people, especially influencers, are doing what makes them more successful, they are doing what makes them happy, i should do the same to myself and do what makes me more successful and happier :). Thanks for your input, and for making me feel that i am not alone in this situation 🙂

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