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My Trip to Prague

The third country I visited in the year of 2019

Czech Republic, Prague

It is a three nights trip 18-21 September. I love every bit of this experience. I arrived at around 11 am in Prague’s local time. I took the bus no. 119 from Prague Airport (PRG) Terminal 1, I had to change later to take the metro to stop at Můstek Station, this station is in the heart of the town, I had to walk for 8 minutes from the station to get to my hotel (It took me more than that because I stopped on my way to take some photos).😌

Once I got out of the station, the adventure started


The hotel: Majestic Plaza Hotel
Flight: Ryanair airline
The flight duration: 1 hrs and 55 min.
Prague time zone: GMT +2 ( an hour ahead of London)


I don’t know what actually to say about this trip, I am speechless, even the photos cannot describe how beautiful the city is. Every bit of Prague has a story to tell, the roads, the buildings, food, and statues. Everything arouses the inquisitive observer in me.

Rambling around letting the thinker in me to observe the beautiful buildings, wondering how this ancient civilization has been built. My brain find it hard to digest the fact that there were people here very long time ago in this place making a life. Can’t believe that the human brain has been always capable of producing and creating.

Stopped by the St. Vitus Cathedral , staring with wide eyes at the giant building, lots of questions were in my mind.
Who are these people
How they came with such an idea
What are their qualification
How did they learn how to do things
Where did they get the inspiration from
And more …………

I saw a piece of art that reflects the strength of human brain and how it is capable not only to destroy but also to build ❤️

I found it hard to hide my excitement, I didn’t care how I look like to the surroundings, I was totally shocked and amazed.

While I was observing, I realized that the creative works that are continuously created up to our days, and all of the sciences in our current life are not new-born!! They have been around for ages, not hundreds years but THOUNSENDS, people from that world have created them for us to use them and to add on them. Our current life is credited to those who facilitated and paved the road for us to keep inventing.💕

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I thank and appreciate every country that keep the history alive, to know the heritages, we need to know the past and trace the events. And, appreciate the people who started the era of innovation.

I was lucky with the weather and the hotel,


What I discovered about myself!

I was practicing mindfulness most of the time, i was observing the changes on me, my thoughts, and my feelings. I could manage to be in the now and enjoy the opportunity that life is offering me. I might felt a little disappointed specifically when I wanted to take a photo for me in it, I felt a little jealousy that provoked by families and couples around me, but I didn’t let this negative feeling to distract me from seeing the beauty of life, the blessings I have, and the freedom I have. It was just a feeling which didn’t take that space in my mind.
But I could ask some people to take a photo for me, most of them were nice accept one who I guess doesn’t understand English, so he and his wife just prefer to ignore me. This moment when I felt bad, but I told myself

“whatever, look to the future, what happened has happened, don’t attach feeling to it, what happened has no meaning, DON’T BE A DRAMA QUEEN”

I am happy with being able to manage my thoughts effectively, and with having the control over them instead of letting them control me. I am also glad with the improvement I see in myself when it comes to the traveling procedures, starting from the packing to going to the airport and ending with using google map and the local transportations. I am getting more confident and relaxed. This time, I didn’t get panic the night before the trip as I used to which is brilliant.🥰

For my future trips

I want to be comfortable to use selfie sticks 😆, the main reason for not using it is maybe because I don’t want to attract eyes on me as a female solo traveller. From my modest experience as a solo traveller, I found that we “solo traveller” are mostly targeted more by wonder sellers (peddlers/ street sellers) which is annoying sometimes “all the time” . Or maybe I need a partner instead of a selfie stick 🤔!! anyway will get the selfie stick first then we’ll see 😄

Note to self

Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Be bold and fearless because once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.




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