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Creativity and Crochet

“I don’t think outside of the box, I think of what I can do with the box”

Creativity is the result of our needs

Many of the interesting things in life is a result of the creativity, that includes the hobbies and the things that we do in our “me time” to release the type of people we are.

Creativity is demanded in most of our life aspects, it is essential to fulfil our broad range of needs, not to mention its crucial role in the task of problem solving.

Now, what is creativity?

According to Mr. Google creativity (noun): is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

Therefore, creativity is finding new ways to do things or create a connection between distinct items and elements in order to generate new solutions. It can also be described as a process of creating something meaningful from some materials that have no meaning.

In this post, I’m not going to talk about the application of creativity in the workplace or doing business, however, I will focus more on how creativity combined with other things helped me to develop myself and better my life.

Indeed, creativity involves thinking you can’t create things if you are busy minded, for this reason psychologists indicate that creativity can be the cure of several psychological issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, and personality disorder). Unleashing the creativity requires lots of concentration, which this later helps in shifting the brain focus from the negative thoughts that take the majority if it’s time to the task on hand.

Engaging the brain with learning activities may take one of the following form;

  • New hobbies
  • Doing old hobby in new ways using the imagination.
  • Learning new skills (reading, boxing, cooking, … etc)

The excitement that we would feel when we engage ourselves in a creative thinking would help to boost our self-esteem and self-worth.

Needs and the Motivation Theory

As I mentioned above that creativity comes to fulfil verity of human needs, I would here refer to Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs. Maslow lists five stages of human needs;


These needs inspire the born of Motivation Theory. This theory suggests that the behaviour of individuals is highly driven by these needs.


So, how that related to Crochet!

In Oct. 2015 I started my PhD journey, I found myself in a new place among bunch of strangers. Not just the people, everything was new to me except accounting J. The place, the food, the weather, the life style, even the education system was different than I was accustomed to.

I am a worrier in nature and with all the factors I mentioned above, I found myself surrounded by unbeatable circumstances which made me an easy target for depression and anxiety.

As I am not that type of person who give up easily, I was trying to find ways to improve myself and my mood.

I’v been always believe that challenges aren’t meant to break me down but to build me up, accordingly, I spent so much time trying to figure out how to manage my depression and invest the energy that I was putting in worries in something useful.

Now, what I needed was quiet, fun, and relaxation. I needed a peaceful world where I can happily get lost in.


I started to listen to motivational speeches all the time, meditation, cooking, crafting, joining societies in the university (the first and the last one was Public speaking Society)…. etc.

(By the way I have a story to tell about each of these attempts I might talk about them separately in future posts).

Until I got to the Crochet World.

In 20 December 2015 was the first chain I did in crochet, I’m 100% self-taught at crochet.

I love YouTube, it is my window to the world, I used it when I was looking for crochet lessons and I found tons of videos.

(At the end of the post I will put the name of the YouTubers who help me with crochet)

I’ll share with you some of my works as well as my first chain


The first chain ( 22 Dec. 2015)


25 Dec. 2015


26 Dec. 2015







Day by day I became hooked on crochet, I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

To be honest, I wasn’t patient enough, because habitually I like to learn many things but I don’t seek perfection particularly with matters that I’m not fully interested in. It was enough for me to learn the basics of any hobby or skill then I tend to move on to explore new things, but with crochet things have changed J

How creativity helped me to fulfil my needs?!

I was looking for a way to peace of mind by living in the present. I needed to be more relaxed and focused. I wanted to enhance my self-confidence when I know that I can learn anything in life if I have enough nerve.

Creative thinking helps me to find ways to live a balanced life, a life that contains learning, thinking, discovering, and enjoying every little thing. Among all beautiful things in life, I chose crochet to unleash my imagination.

Crochet helps me;

  • To manage my stress and stop being hurry and do everything in life quietly and patiently. because creativity means you should be calm and work to achieve your destination.
  • To be more organized and to finish what I started.
  • To learn to love what I do so I can do what I love later.
  • To learn how to be in the NOW
  • To learn how to get back in touch with myself
  • To manage my negative thoughts and worries while engaging myself in creative activities.
  • And what even more important, is to think out of the box.


There is something magical with crocheting that makes me get into meditation automatically while watching the movements of the hook. The feeling of success and accomplishment is the best feeling a person would ever have, I felt it many times after each piece of crochet I’v done!

However, you may not get the desired result from the first time, but its okay, with the continuous and persistent improvement you will get better, consequently you will build a habit of victory.

My story with crochet and how it satisfies my needs can be applied in anything in life, some people find their creativity and passion in cooking, others find themselves in fashion designing, writing, ……etc

The idea is to use your imagination to create magnificent outputs.

Find your passion and let it leads you to find your authentic self and, REMEMBER! don’t ever let anything kill your vibe.

Keep clam


Be creative 😉

Crochet lessons at YouTube:

Flying Mio

Bella Coco


Welcome to my world


If you wanna do it, do it now

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