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Why I Write !!

Why I Write!!
First let’s agree on something, I am not a writer :), I do some scribbling on paper. It is basically a combination of letters and words scattered on paper, I finally decided to assemble them in a blog
So, back to the question of “ why do I write “
I write to say “ I am alive”
I write to express my feelings
I write to scream on paper
I write to cry sometime and laugh other times.
I write to blow off my steam
I write to reflect on my day and my current mood.
I write to communicate with God and my dearest inner child.
I write to get my brain relaxed
I write to see a better version of myself one day soon.
I write to hold myself accountable for my goals and dreams, because I believe with writing, you can do anything.
I write to draw my imagination on paper and create my world, the world I love to live in.
I write to sketch my future.
I write to turn the page on the past and start new beginning, new hopes, and new dreams.
In my opinion, writing is even more important for introverts who enjoy friending themselves, a pen and journal are mostly their loyal friends. As an introvert, I can see that as soon as I put the pen on the paper, the true person of me begin to speak up, I love seeing the long chain of words that is created by my pen, it became a passion :). Some people might not enjoy writing, but believe me, from my experience, writing can help you to defeat your fears, to improve your self-esteem and feel more comfortable in your own skin.
Sharing my thoughts is not something that I’m comfortable with J, but I am so excited to finally build my blog, I’v been deferring the idea since 2012. I might not be thrilled of being read, but I would love to share my writings with those who we have shared interests. One of the biggest fear that kept me from taking an action is the fear of being judged by others!!. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle any negative comments that might come down the road. But then, I realized comments can be very helpful for my self-development, I should not let the negative voice to control my actions.
Anyway, it is time to change, no more postponing, 2017 is the time to let one of my dreams be true.
“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”
Jack KerouacThe Dharma Bums
Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂
Remember, If you wanna do it, do it now
24 March 2017

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